Which Marketing Industry is Best for Career Progression and ROI?

Discover which industries offer the best career progression opportunities & highest ROI through digital marketing: beauty, gaming & gambling, telecommunications & more.

Which Marketing Industry is Best for Career Progression and ROI?

The opportunity to advance their career is very important for many professionals, and the best industries to help marketers progress are beauty, gaming and gambling, and telecommunications. According to the CMO survey, the education industry spends 12% of total revenue on marketing, and the expected growth of marketing jobs in this industry for the next 12 months is 5%. A marketing career that applies within this industry is that of a social media strategist who is responsible for a company's social media marketing efforts and presence. Digital marketing (or, at least, rudimentary search engine algorithms) influences many of the decisions companies make every day.

Statistics suggest that more than 90% of consumers trust word of mouth, digital media and search engine rankings above most. In addition, digital marketing allows people to channel their campaigns, build lasting relationships, reach the right audience, and optimize their own brand online. In Industry 4.0 (and in what comes next), reliance on conventional marketing will further ease. As we continue to see, digital marketing and online advertising are also going to dominate marketing a lot in the coming years.

A Smart Insights review suggests that more than 80% of industries have a well-planned procedure for implementing digital marketing in their business model. Different digital marketing techniques offer numerous opportunities for marketing industries to reap profits. Video advertising has been one of the most striking types of network content, with more than 60% of advertisers using it vehemently. The legal industry is making use of digital marketing services to achieve remarkable success - according to a Greentarget State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey, 25% of all U.

S. law firms have an organized content marketing plan. The retail industry is capable of using the digital network of the target audience and also of some potential buyers. Video marketing has been one of the most successful types of network content, with more than 60% of advertisers using it vehemently.

The healthcare industry has seen a shift from specialists to the Internet when it comes to finding primary care information - this is why digital marketing is so important for medical professionals. The education and training industry has also seen great success with digital media for promotion - schools and universities have gone further in the application of digital media for promotion. The restaurant and food industry is increasingly using digital channels to reach their target demographic audience - food vendors tell people how they can get their favorite food at the best possible price. The entertainment industry has also seen great success with social media - production houses simply need to get things going and fans and content lovers take care of the rest themselves. The real estate industry never tires as the influx of population from the countryside to the city continues to increase - brokers, agents, specialists, real estate all benefit from digital marketing.

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