Navigating the Departments of an Advertising Agency

Learn about the four main departments of an advertising agency: Account Services, Account Planning & Research, Creative, and Media Planning & Purchasing.

Navigating the Departments of an Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies are made up of numerous departments that provide services to their clientele. A typical advertising agency will have four main departments: Account Services, Account Planning & Research, Creative, and Media Planning & Purchasing. Other possible departments could include an interactive department, a production department, a human resources department, or a traffic department. The Account Services department is responsible for generating new business and managing client relationships.

They are the liaison between the agency and the client, and they ensure that the client's needs are met. Account Planning & Research examines the customer's markets and designs a marketing strategy. Media planners and creatives then design a media plan that organizes and plans creative work. The Creative Department is responsible for generating draft advertising, with guidance from Account Services and Account Planning & Research.

When the ads are sufficiently developed, they will be presented to a customer. When approved by the customer, Media Planning & Purchasing will purchase advertising space and distribute the ads. Otherwise, the ad will be reviewed or remade until the customer approves it. The Advertising Research department collects information about the market, market competition, market trends, products and services, competition, consumer behavior, media trends, new trends in advertising, etc.

With this information, they design a strategy of marketing that helps other departments understand the target market. Choosing an advertising agency can be tricky in today's digital age. If your business needs a little bit of everything, choosing a full-service advertising agency is the best decision. These agencies will be able to help you throughout the advertising process, from planning to executing and measuring advertising effectiveness. On the other hand, if everyone takes that path, going traditional could make your company stand out more against your competitors.

It all depends on your advertising strategy, your goals and how you make yourself stand out.

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