What is a Business-to-Business Advertising Agency?

Learn about business-to-business (B2B) advertising agencies, their role in business marketing, and how they can help you reach key decision makers.

What is a Business-to-Business Advertising Agency?

Business-to-business (B2B) advertising agencies specialize in creating and delivering ads to a business audience, rather than to consumers. These agencies understand the intricate decision-making processes in business marketing and use media that allow advertisers to build relationships with prospects and customers over time. B2B agencies are particularly useful for sectors such as technology or industrial products, as they provide valuable insight into which types of media would be most effective for each industry. Financial advertising agencies offer a specialized service for financial services companies and investor relations departments.

These agencies must ensure that their ads comply with current legislation, as well as publicizing stock offers and reporting financial results. Corporate advertising agencies also share some areas of activity with financial agencies, but their primary focus is on raising awareness of a company's capacity and strengthening corporate reputation. They place media ads that reach key decision makers, with the content focused on company information rather than products and services. Advertising agencies are like tailors; they create the ads, plan how, when and where they should be delivered, and then deliver them to the customer.

Most advertising agencies don't depend on any one organization, but they all share four core values: creativity, innovation, punctuality and teamwork. Other values that are often seen in different types of advertising agencies include integrity, honesty and responsibility. The trend for special media buying agencies began in the 1970s. These agencies have many contacts in the media industry and offer very low commissions on media rates.

Media buying agencies are often used in conjunction with creative boutiques.

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