What is a Firm in Business?

Learn what is a firm in business from an expert's perspective. Understand how it differs from an establishment and how it relates to signature theory.

What is a Firm in Business?

A company is a for-profit organization, typically formed as a partnership, that provides professional services such as legal or accounting services. Company theory postulates that companies exist to maximize profits. A company refers to an entity involved in the sale of services and products for profit, usually professional services. On the other hand, an establishment refers to an entity engaged in any revenue-generating activity that involves the sale of goods and services and includes all operations and commercial structures. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not define the word “company” in any information it provides regarding a company's formation and tax requirements.

Therefore, in legal terms, the IRS has no rules or regulations regarding a company. However, in linguistic terms, a company is an organization that can include a corporation or association dedicated to the sale of products and services for profit. As such, a company that is a sole proprietorship requires the personal liability of the owner, while a company that is a corporation protects its shareholders from any liability greater than the amount they paid for their shares in the company. The characteristic that differentiates a company from an establishment is that a company generally involves some type of professional service. As a result, the difference between an establishment and a company is that an establishment is limited to one location and one main business activity, whereas a company can have multiple locations and can also include a combination of activities under an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Adam Smith explained that a manufacturing company used a more intense form of division of labor than could be coordinated through market exchange. Signature Theory comprises several economic theories that explain and predict the nature of the company (firm), including its structure, relationship to the market, behavior and its very existence.

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