The 10 Biggest Advertising Agencies in the World

Find out about 10 biggest ad agencies around today who have been ruling this industry for quite some time now with their creative ideas and strategies.

The 10 Biggest Advertising Agencies in the World

For brands, advertising agencies play a crucial role in the world. It is very important for an organization that wants to grow its business. If organizations haven't hired some professional agencies to take care of their marketing strategies, they end up having problems with product promotion. Almost all advertising agencies have some kind of uniqueness that strengthens the memory of the target audience.

It also makes them memorable to remember a particular product. Before reading about major advertising agencies, we must understand the basic concept of advertising. Advertising is: finding the ideal customer and this calculation is done according to demographic standards, such as: gender, age, education level, income level and zip code, etc. It is a tactic to promote a product, service, promotional content or messages in the form of advertisements.

The goal of this highly creative work is to reach people according to their needs and interests. In addition to this, we can say that advertising is a unique area in itself. To understand it, you need to go to an advanced advertising course. But before that, start thinking about advertising that you know well and you love interacting with them. When it comes to first-class advertising agencies, they are dedicated to their customers to create and plan ads.

These agencies handle the general marketing, branding, promotion and sales procedure for their clients. We all know that an advanced-level customer prefers advertising for reputable names they know. There are so many advertising sites in the world, of which I have made a list of 10 agencies. These agencies have ruled the advertising world for the longest time and have worked until now. Let's take a look at them in detail.

Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather is an advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in New York City.

It began as a London advertising agency founded in 1850 by Edmund Mather. In 1964 it became known as Ogilvy & Mather after merging with a New York City agency that was founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy. With a presence in India since 1928, this agency operates its offices in major cities. It is part of the WPP Group, which is, by revenue, one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world. O&M earned a classic reputation thanks to its work and performance in the market.

It is the best American advertising agency and was founded in 1970 by Jim Mullen in Boston. Because of its early adaptive ability to social media, it has succeeded in landing the “most influential customer of the century”. It excels in content creation, brand planning, user experience design, performance analysis, studying the influence of digital and technological production. Mullen is one of the top 10 innovative marketing and advertising companies.


Next in line is McCann (formerly McCann Erickson), a global network of advertising agencies, with offices in 120 countries.

It is a subsidiary of the Interpublic Group of Companies, one of the four major holding companies in the advertising industry. McCann was the first agency to diversify into domains other than marketing.

L'Oreal Paris (The Non Issue)

L'Oreal Paris (The Non Issue) was founded in 1926 in France, which is considered to be the oldest and largest advertising company & in the world. Publicis Groupe is owned by Maurice Levy, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. It recently took full control of BBH and acquired a long list of digital specialists, including Digitas, Razorfish and Sapient.

It provides marketing, communication and digital transformation services, POS, video editing, etc.


When it comes to dominating its domestic market as completely as Japan's Dentsu does there is no other advertising agency like it. It is a multinational digital media and communications company with its office in London (United Kingdom). Dentsu was founded by Jerry Bhulman and controls about 30% of all media advertising in that country.

This is currently the largest advertising agency and the fifth largest agency network in terms of the whole world, which is made up of 10 global network brands. Recently, his profile outside of Asia was not well known but Dentsu began to change that imbalance with a few carefully selected acquisitions. His first major breakthrough came with the purchase of the New York agency McGarry Bowen.


That was crowned by the lightning bolt of Ages, owner of the global media networks Carat and Vizeum.

It has about 316 offices located in 75 different countries. The former flagship of Euro RSCG in Paris has also established a separate identity under the name BETC.

Havas Worldwide

Havas worldwide works with 78 out of 100 top advertisers. It operates across platforms including broadcast, print, digital, social media experiential and out-of-home media channels.

He has been ranked tenth highest-ranked agency in the world.

Young & Rubicam

Young & Rubicam has its roots in Philadelphia that began as a very small unit later moving to New York City in 1926 and its journey continued ever since then. It is now known as one of the most iconic advertising agencies in the world. It is headquartered in New York City and was founded by John Orr Young. It is one among many other big names like BBDO which has 289 offices located across 81 countries with more than 15000 employees; Droga5 which customers include BBC Blizzard Entertainment The Coca-Cola Company Farfetch Georgia-Pacific Google Heineken Hennessy Johnsonville; Kit Kat (Even Technology Needs A Break); Durex (Feel Your Way To Pleasure); Vanish (Love Your Whites Longer); Santen (Pressure In Progress); Gillette (A Tribute To Women's Day); Snickers (You Stay When You Stay Home) KISS FM (Long Live Rock And Roll).These are some of the biggest ad agencies around today who have been ruling this industry for quite some time now with their creative ideas and strategies.

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